Board Of Director Massage

Board Of Director Massage

Mohammed Kawser Ahmed

“Chairman” Of Easel Overseas Ltd

The Easel Overseas Ltd established over two decades ago, is committed to the growth and progress of our nation. As a Chairman of this company, I have watched it grow, from humble beginnings into a force to be reckoned with. It is with a sense of pride and satisfaction that I look back on the years of vigorous effort and struggle. Despite every hardship, every obstacle, our vision remained single-minded and focused, unwavering in its purpose. What we see today are the fruits of those years. This has been an era of evolution. The world has seen widespread changes sweeping over it, revolutionizing every sphere of life. Most dynamic, however, have been the changes brought in the business environment, transforming it into a high skill and tough competition arena. The new millennium has dawned and with it has come new hope, new horizons and new challenges. For this, we owe a great debt of gratitude to our distinguished principals and to our loyal customers. Their continued support, encouragement and belief in us has made our success possible. God willing, the Easel Overseas Ltd will continue to uphold the name it has built, a name that is synonymous with quality and excellence. Success and integrity – our watchwords for the new millennium.

Mujibor Rahaman Shamim

“Managing Director” Of Easel Overseas Ltd

Dear Sir,
From the establishment of Easel Overseas Ltd. providing man power services to the clients home and abroad. Our infrastructure in accordance with the manpower recruitments. We execute training and recruit of all kinds of technical and non technical, skilled or non skilled worker. Major technical professions are Mason, Construction, Electrical, Catering, Auto Mobiles, Driver, Painter, and non technical are Helper, Labor, Cleaner worker. In case of any problem of worker we solve rapidly. We have experienced and expert staffs who are dedicated to accomplish any part of manpower project within a sort part of time very cordially.

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Khandker Wahed Murad

“CEO” of Easel Overseas Ltd

Dear Sir,

The name of our enterprise is Easel Overseas Ltd. We have Seven years experience in this sector. Also excute the training of all kinds of constructions sector and the work of shipping and dockyard such as welders, electrician’s pipe fitters, steel fixture, carpenters, training of rod binder labors, cleaners, skilled or non skilled. Our company trained them at our own center and sent them in abroad. The countries where we send the employees giving fifteen days training on the language, law and culture of those countries. Before flight in the place of work we teach them three days orientation about work and duty. In case of any problems of workers we send new workers in place of them.